Laughing Gas


Laughing Gas Specialist

Laughing gas helps anxious children relax so they can receive the dental treatments they need. At Kids Dental, in the Hudson Heights neighborhood of New York City, the team of pediatric dentists are highly-experienced in safely administering laughing gas for young patients.

Laughing Gas Q & A

What is laughing gas?

Laughing gas is a composed of two gasses- nitrous oxide and oxygen – that are used to help patients relax during all types of dental procedures. It is administered through an inhalation mask and tubing. Nitrous oxide is called laughing gas because, in addition to relaxing patients, it creates a feeling of  giddiness. It also increases a patient’s tolerance to pain, making it a popular and effective option in sedation dentistry.

Is laughing gas safe?

Yes. Nitrous oxide is among the safest types of sedation available when administered by knowledgeable professionals, such as those at Kids Dental. It takes effect rapidly and is well-tolerated. In addition, dosages are easily adjusted to each patient and the effects wear off quickly once the mask is removed. Laughing gas does not render a patient unconscious. Even young children who receive laughing gas are totally conscious and able to answer questions.

How should my child prepare for laughing gas?

Children should refrain from eating  for at least 2 hours prior to their appointment. In rare instances, laughing gas causes nausea or vomiting when administered to patients on a full stomach. Dentists should be made aware in advance of any respiratory conditions a child has that could make breathing through the nose difficult. Parents should also let the dentist know about any medications, including supplements, that their child is taking.

Is laughing gas effective on all children?

The dentists at Kids Dental tailor the dosage of laughing gas specifically for each child, ensuring its effectiveness. If your child has a cold, strong anxiety, or discomfort with wearing the nasal mask, the dentist will discuss other sedation options. The top-rated team at Kids Dental possesses the comprehensive training to make sure each child receives the best dental care that he or she needs.