Non-Operative Treatment


Non-Operative Treatment Specialist

Nobody, least of all young children, enjoy having cavities filled. Fortunately, Kids Dental, located in the Hudson Heights neighborhood of New York City, now offers a new quick and pain-free alternative called silver diamine fluoride. Kids Dental has treated cavities using silver diamine fluoride for countless children throughout the greater New York City area.

Non-Operative Treatment Q & A

What is Non-Operative Treatment (silver diamine fluoride)?

Approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in 2014, silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a ground-breaking new option for the treatment and prevention of cavities in children. Used for decades in numerous other countries around the world, SDF is a clear antibiotic liquid made of silver and fluoride. It is painted onto the child’s tooth or teeth at the site of the cavity. The silver strengthens the underlying protective layer of the teeth called the dentin, while the fluoride stops tooth decay and helps prevent additional decay from developing.

What are the benefits of Non-Operative Treatment (silver diamine fluoride)?

Silver diamine fluoride offers a quicker, pain-free and less expensive solution to drilling and filling cavities. In addition, no sedatives or anesthetic is needed. This treatment is a game-changer for individuals, such as young children (nearly a quarter of 2 to 5-year olds have cavities), as well as, patients with special needs, and the elderly, who are unable to tolerate more invasive dental procedures. The treatment offers the extra benefit of providing immediate relief from dental hypersensitivity.

What does Non-Operative (silver diamine fluoride) treatment entail?

The dentist brushes and rinses the child’s teeth without paste in preparation of the silver diamine fluoride solution. Teeth are then dried and cleaned of any debris, such as plaque. The solution is then applied to the affected tooth or teeth with a microbrush and allowed to cure on the tooth for a couple of minutes. Following the treatment, children must refrain from eating or drinking for one hour. For maximum benefits, at least one follow-up application of the silver diamine fluoride solution is required, between 6-18 months following the initial treatment.

Does insurance cover Non-Operative Treatment (silver diamine fluoride treatments)?

Still new, silver diamine fluoride may not be covered by all dental insurance policies, but it is considerably less expensive than having a traditional filling.